Monday, November 9, 2009

The Yellow Jackets

Carol Condon

We were only a few miles away and the reality of vacation being over was getting closer with every mile. The assignments of unloading the van were being passed around as we could see excitement brewing within the kids as they were within minutes of hanging out with their friends that they hadn’t seen for a whole two weeks!

We unloaded the van and began making six piles, one for each of us. Mark had started into the house with the first load. He quickly returned and asked the kids to all go outside and for me to come in, as he had to show me something.

He led me to a closed door. He slowly opened the door. I jumped and screamed in sheer horror! Our room was completely covered in dead bees. The carpet, the bed, the windowsills, they were even in our bathroom sink and shower. We stood in shock.

The clean up was quite a chore. The suitcases were all forgotten as we began to gather all the thousands of yellow jackets that had invaded our home! A few hours later we looked around and seemed to be bee-free. Now we had time to ponder the big question. How did they get in?

It was now late and too dark outside to check for any nests so we went to bed. Just as the sun was peeking into our room the following morning my eyes opened wide looking to see if any bees had joined us. Nothing. That was quite a relief. However, the relief did not last long. Just as I was contemplating my day I noticed some visitors arriving. The yellow jackets had returned!

There was a very small hole at the top of one of our bedroom walls. The bees were flying in faster than we could stop them. We hurried and covered the hole and called for help. As the exterminator arrived he quickly summed up our situation.

The bees had found an opening from outside and had built their nest in between our walls. As the thousands of bees joined together in our walls they lost their way to freedom and to water. The bees began seeking for a way out. The man explained that when they sensed the light on the other side of our wall that they knew they had found a way out. And so they all began working towards it.

I began to think of those that are lost in this world. They got involved with the crowd and lost their way. They are frantically seeking a way out. Are they drawn to us? Do they sense the Light within us? When they finally reach us do we offer them the freedom that they are searching for or are we all locked up just as our room was to the yellow jackets? Let us all be aware of the Light that resides within us and offer the way of escape to those that are lost.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coat Check

Carol Condon

The raindrops were cold against my face as I rushed to the car. It was definitely not ideal weather to head out shopping in, but I had continually put it aside until I found myself out of options. I was too close to my deadline to put this shopping trip off any further. The windshield wipers were doing their job as I mentally began preparing my “to buy list.”

The rain had turned into sleet and it was just too cold to leave my coat in the car so, I stayed bundled up and dashed into the shopping mall. The warmth I was greeted with was welcoming after experiencing the dropping temperatures outside.

I only had one day to complete my shopping so I began to hit the stores with speed. It was not long before I realized that my coat was going to be quite the hindrance in my hurried state. I quickly forgot just how cold it was outside and I began questioning “why” I didn’t leave my coat in the car.

While walking down the hallway, I noticed a small sign at the entrance of a once vacant store. An easel stood to the right of the doorway holding the sign that read “Coat Check $3.00.” The fee seemed very reasonable, as I was already feeling quite steamy in my winter coat. The attendant took my money and my coat and I was handed the small ticket needed to redeem it at the end of my shopping.

I kept a close eye on the time and hurried from one store to another until my list was completed. The only thing left before I could head home was to retrieve my coat. I saw the line forming outside of the “coatroom” and quickly realized that I would not be leaving at the time I had planned.

With my claim ticket in hand I began my wait somewhat patiently. Having the ability to see my coat hanging on the rack just inside the door began to turn my somewhat patient wait into an impatient wait! I was so close to being able to leave; yet this wait was keeping me from doing so.

How often in life do we find ourselves facing a similar circumstance? Maybe it was when we were working so hard towards reaching a goal or when we were dragging so emotionally low during a trial that seemed to have no end when we suddenly visualized the end in sight. However, it might have been within reach but it was not happening fast enough. It becomes harder and harder to wait. We have the claim ticket to our promise but will we wait for it?

We wouldn’t risk losing our winter coat at the local shopping center. Although we may not be happy we find ourselves waiting until we claim our rightful possession. Do we have the faith to wait for our spiritual possessions? Hold onto your claim ticket! Wait until it is your turn. It will be worth the wait!