Friday, September 30, 2011

He Listens

He Listens
Carol Condon

I noticed his limp when he came in from playing with his friends. As he got ready for bed he told me that his leg was really hurting. His older brothers suffered many nights with leg aches so I wasn’t too alarmed. We said our prayers and he went to bed.

The following morning, Chase came to me with a more pronounced limp and was holding onto his hip with tears in his eyes. He said that he was unable to lift his leg. I called our pediatrician and made the first available appointment.

As the doctor examined Chase he looked over his head with a worried expression and said we were going to be making a trip to Children’s. He did not want to alarm Chase, but he was trying to inform me of the need to hurry. He told me that he was calling Children’s and they would be ready for us. He suspected a rare problem in Chase’s hip that if correct he would need surgery in the next 24 hours or it could possibly affect the growth in that leg.

My mind was in a panic but I didn’t want Chase to know. I told him that the doctors were going to take pictures of the inside of his leg. As soon as we arrived we were ushered back to x-ray. There was an issue getting the proper personnel to read the report so they sent us home with a promise to call as soon as they knew something.

When we got home I got Chase settled on the couch. He let out a whimper and told me that he could barely move his leg at all. I felt something rise within me. I walked over and laid hands on Chase’s leg and said with much faith, “You are a worshiper, Chase, and in John 9:31 we are told that if any man be a worshipper and doeth His will, him He heareth.” He and I began to pray.

Just minutes later Chase got up to use the restroom. I heard a loud noise followed by yelling and feet stomping. I went running to see what happened. I found Chase jumping up and down shouting, “He did it, Mom! He did it, Mom! I felt something and all the pain is gone. Look at me now!” He took off running down our hallway shouting, “He did it!”

“…….but if any man be a worshipper of God, and doeth his will, him he heareth.”
John 9: 31

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Carol Condon

He could not seem to get back to sleep. Excitement was churning inside of him, as he knew he was mere hours away from gathering with his buddies on the field for the weekly Saturday morning ballgame. His glove was on the nightstand with the ball tucked inside waiting for his hand to join them. He lay ever so quietly dreaming of rounding third base heading home as he waited for the call to breakfast signifying the beginning of this sure to be exciting day.

The car was barely to a stop when he opened the door and ran to the field. He was all dressed in his clean uniform secretly wishing to have it smeared in dirt. He and his fellow players were just minutes away from the beginning of what was predicted as a sure win for their team. However, just before the first pitch of the day, the coach called his name followed by a simple glance to the bench. This eager little ball player walked to the bench with as much dignity as he could muster climbed up and took a seat.

The bench was not a complete surprise as he had spent a portion of each Saturday morning sitting there dreaming of the day that he would be holding the bat for the first pitch of the game instead of sitting on the sidelines watching the ball cross the plate.

How many times have we spent restless nights because of the excitement burning within us as we sense the nearness of reality meeting our dream? The vision has been documented, dreams have been dreamed, plans have been executed and ambition has been fueled. We are just eagerly awaiting the nod from our Coach. However, so many times His nod is in the form of a simple glance to the bench. We now have a choice to make. Do we walk over and take a seat with dignity keeping the dream alive by seeking His wisdom and direction or do we stomp over in anger as we have once again had “our plans” put on hold? Take the time on the bench to wait on Him and his nod. We are predicted to win!

Psalm 27:14
Wait on the LORD; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.