Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Watering Can

Carol Condon

The sun was shining bright and the blinds were opened wide so that on this cold, wintry day we could all enjoy some sunshine. I had my little notebook of “all the things not to forget while packing” and was slowly marking them off. I felt pretty confident that I hadn’t forgotten any thing and began to relax on the way to the airport.

As usual, our time away passed very quickly and soon we were packing up to head back home. It wasn’t until I walked back into our bedroom that I was made aware of what I had forgotten. There, next to our window, sat a very special plant drooping all over the floor.

In the past two years I have lost two very special people from my life. My precious Dad passed away in December of 2008 and then just in October of 2010 my sweet niece, Tamara, suddenly passed away. I was given some floor plants from the memorial services that I have worked quite hard on considering I am far from a “green thumb.” They are very special to me and I try to keep a strict schedule for watering them and turning them so that their growth will be even. However, in my rush to leave I had watered all my plants but the one in our bedroom.

The plant was still green but every leaf was now touching the ground. It wasn’t dried up and brown but it was easy to see that is was very thirsty. I ran for the watering can and poured the water into this parched plant. I could only hope that I wasn’t too late.

The next morning I looked over to my plant and I could see the leaves stretching up toward the ceiling. I began to consider my life, and the times I have found myself thirsty from not properly hydrating myself in Him. Are we like this plant? Do we find ourselves without the strength to hold our hands stretched forward in abandoned worship but instead find it easier to just sit? If we are not on a schedule to stay hydrated in Him we need to grab the watering can of His Spirit and pour away!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


By Carol Condon

The tickets were purchased and the kids and I were excited for the special day that we had planned. It was a perfect day for enjoying some quality family time outdoors. The GPS was programmed and as the family joined me in the van we headed off in the direction of “fun.”

As I was driving I couldn’t keep the smile from my face as I listened to the chatter and laughter coming from my kids. The winter had been a long one so we were all more than ready to enjoy some sunshine and activity out in the beautiful, warm weather.

I was following the directions exactly and we would be arriving in plenty of time for the festivities. However, I suddenly felt a little confused. It seemed as if I was driving in circles. I listened intently for the road I was to turn on but I didn’t see it anywhere. I then realized that I was in fact driving in a circle. I had come to a roundabout. In reality, even though technically I was moving, I was actually at a stand still, not really going anywhere. In order for us to get to where we were supposed to be going I had to make a turn.

I couldn’t keep from thinking about the roundabouts we come upon in our journey of life. We have the proper “directions”, and we all may be doing our very best to follow them. However, at some point we have to make a choice to make the right turn in order to follow in the steps that He has ordered for us. The roundabout is full of people all doing the exact same thing, not really going anywhere unless they make a turn. Out of fear of failure, poor self-confidence, and maybe even a lack of proper nutrition in our prayer lives we opt to stay in the roundabout.

If you find yourself traveling in circles, it is time to pull out the “directions” and really search for the right turn that is needed. We will actually get to where we are going if we get off of the roundabout.