Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Through His Eyes

Through His Eyes
Carol Condon

It started out with just a dirty sock here and a discarded toy there. From where I was sitting on the couch I could see the trail of debris leading from the doorway of his room to each corner, along the sides of his bed, and winding around to his closet.

Chase had finished his school assignments for the day and was eager to get outside to play with his friends. As he changed into his play clothes he told me of his afternoon plans with the neighborhood boys. I quickly explained that due to his totally unacceptable room he could not begin his playtime until his room was put back to order.

With a frown he walked slowly toward the destination of his dreaded chore. He returned back to me in just a few minutes reporting that he had finished cleaning his room and was ready to go outside and play. Knowing the disaster that his room was in just a few moments earlier, I sent him right back to reassess the cleanliness of his room and to make sure that he had not forgotten anything.

He reluctantly left but soon returned with the response, “No, I got it all, Mom.” I knew that this could not be possible. So, I sent him back with a different request. I asked him to go to his room and look at it ‘through my eyes’ instead of his. He quickly returned and said that he would rather not because when looking through his eyes it all looked fine but if he looked through my eyes there seemed to be a lot of work to be done.

Chase retreated back to his room and after quite some time returned saying that he had finished cleaning his room and that his room would be considered clean even through my eyes!

So much of the time we view life through our own eyes instead of His. We face circumstances of life and deem them as impossible. We hear His voice but feel too inadequate to carry out His plan. What would happen if we would switch from looking through our eyes to looking through His?

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