Monday, April 30, 2012

The Yellow Paintbrush

The Yellow Paintbrush

I knew if I didn’t turn around I would be disappointed in myself.  I really am not fond of losing time by back tracking; however, I was only a mile from my home.  So, I slipped into the next driveway and turned around.  I ran into the house, grabbed the forgotten item, and hurried back to my van. Once again I was heading in the direction that my schedule requested of me.

This little turn around urged me to drive at a speed that would keep me on schedule.  Therefore, I was shocked to see a truck behind me in the passing lane going full steam ahead.  I became quite concerned because now the single yellow stripe on the road had become two signaling the restriction to pass.  The hill we were driving up had started out at a small incline and visibility seemed good; however, now it was null and this truck was heading into an area unsafe for himself and the person coming toward him.

I was driving by myself so I had some quiet time to think.  I had always thought it was my decision if I chose to disregard the double lines and I alone would have to pay the consequences.  As my eyes were off of myself and onto someone else I realized that this is not true.  My decision to slip outside of the yellow lines would be my decision but it would not only affect me.  It could affect many.  Authorities have worked for the safety of all concerned to pick up the yellow paintbrush and give us all a warning due to the conditions of the area.

How often has God picked up His paintbrush adding a double line to our road signaling us to stay behind an obstruction even though the horizon seems perfectly clear and safe to pass?  Why would we be forced to stay behind an obstacle instead of passing it to take us where we envisioned we “should” be?  We ask Him to order our steps, but do we ask Him to order our stops as well? Our ambition to be where we think we should be, will not only affect us, but it will also affect those traveling with us.  As He dips His paintbrush into the yellow paint, He begins to alter our schedule because He knows the path we take.  Trust His guidance.

But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.
Job 23:10 KJV

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