Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Interruption

The Interruption
Carol Condon

The storm hit so quick. Chase and I were standing in our living room when thunder rolled so loudly that it shook our home. It was accompanied moments later by a brilliant streak of light lasting just seconds before all was dark.  We stood looking at each other wondering what we had just experienced. Had our home been hit by lightning?

We were running really close on time, so we made sure Webster was ok (he was hiding in our closet), and out the door we ran.  Later that evening, we noticed that the garage doors were not working.  That was actually minor compared to what all we found in the weeks to follow. We could see that we had electricity, water, and gas, so we assumed all was ok. However, randomly the internet would go out, the outside lights quit working, certain receptacles throughout the house no longer worked, and the “what’s not working” list began to grow. I made a call to the local electric company and was told that they would look into it.

A few mornings later Bryce came downstairs stating that the electricity in his room went out. I called the company back and explained the storm and the "interruptions" all over again. They finally admitted that something was wrong. Upon further inspection, it was determined that our home had been hit by lightning, resulting in the random interruptions of power.

It made me stop and think about how the storms of life strike, catching us completely unaware. We look around for damage, pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and walk away.  Everything seems to be working so we carry on.  Bam! Then comes the random interruptions of power. We feel fine when we drift off to sleep, but as the morning sun hits our face we wake up weak and powerless.  What seemed to be working is now not working at all. One thought, one wrong assumption, or even one memory can cause an interruption that can take days to repair. We must contact the Source of our strength and allow Him to repair the damage sustained by our “storm”.  We may have our power interrupted, but it is our Lord who will give power to the weak and return strength to those “without power.”

“He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.”
Isaiah 40:29 NLT  

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