Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Thermostat

By Carol Condon

Every day it needed to be changed and sometimes multiple times during the day. For the past couple of years our heating and air conditioning unit was just not doing what it was made to do. We would wake up hot and have to adjust the thermostat but by a few hours later we would be cold and we would have to re-adjust it. We brought in two different companies to work on our unit. Nothing they did seemed to help. It would begin working just fine for a few weeks but then we would have to start all over again changing it throughout the day in order to maintain a level of comfort in our home.

It was supposed to be a simple process. We were told to set a temperature that would be comfortable for us and that was what temperature it would work to maintain. We finally grew accustomed to having to manually change the thermostat and we kept blankets and fans close by to help us stay comfortable. However, this past winter our unit stopped working. It was so cold one morning and nothing Mark and I did seemed to help. We made a call to the repair company and they told us the news that our unit had finally quit working all together and we would have to install a new system.

The day the system was put in the gentleman came to train us on how to use it. He told us the same thing as we were told many years before. We just had to set a temperature and put it on auto. It would heat when needed to heat and it would cool when needed to cool and that would be that. I am happy to say that he was right!

This got me to thinking about those that come in contact with me. Do they struggle to maintain a level of comfort because I change as I deal with the daily issues of life? What about you? What about our churches? Are people explaining away our actions and reactions in order to be comfortable and relaxed in our presence?

Once our thermostat was replaced we have been comfortable with each season. It didn’t stop the storms from coming but it helped us live in the storm. Life may be difficult at times but if we go to our “Repairman” and ask Him to fix our thermostat He will gladly assist us. Then as we experience the storms that come and the wonderful journeys on the mountaintops we will be able to properly maintain a level of comfort not only for ourselves but also for those around us.

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